History – Dark Ages

It is probable that Dark Age communities existed in the Gorslas area and exploited the extensive mountain pastures of the district. We know that in pre-Norman times, that the maenor was an important unit of economic and political division. Although we do not know what administrative unit covered the Gorslas area, the Lichfield Gospel Book, which dates to the ninth century AD and was originally kept at Llandeilo Fawr church, provides important documentary evidence about the existence of a Maenor Meddynfych in the area of the parish of LLandybie, just to the northeast of Gorslas.

One interesting connection with the Dark Ages is the dedication of the mediaeval chapel of Llanlluan to St Lluan, who is traditionally held to be one of the daughters of Brychan Brycheiniog, a Dark Age Irish prince who was the ruler of Brycheinion (modern Breconshire).