Cefneithin, Drefach and Gorslas Villages – Served by Gorslas Community Council

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Play Areas: The play  areas at Drefach , Gorslas and Cefneithin Parks are now open for the public to use, subject to adherence  to the guidelines provided on the signage in those areas. 

If the guidance is not followed then the Council has the right to close the facilities.   

The equipment and surfaces in the general park areas, the play areas and the MUGA and Gorslas Toilets are not sanitised. 

The responsibility for your Health and Safety, as well as those in your care,  rests with you and the advice and guidance stated on the signage should be followed. 

The guidelines are there to help control the spread of the disease .Please enjoy the facilities and follow the advice given . It will help save lives and is the best way of helping the NHS and those who are doing so much to help us all.

If you, or someone you know, needs help or advice or wants to volunteer to help during the current emergency then the homepage of Carmarthenshire County Council’s website has a Coronavirus ( COVID-19) page which contains information, advice  and contact details on organisations who can help.     

This is the interpretation of Gorslas Community Council of the legislation. You are advised to access the Government’s own website for full details of the requirements.

Gorslas Community Council promotes community development and social activities, including supporting a number of sporting, cultural and community groups which play a prominent part in the life of the community. The Council is working to respond to local needs to improve the standard of life in the area.

You can view the profile of the Gorslas Electoral Division in English Here and in Welsh Here.

The three villages within the boundaries of Gorslas Community Council each have their own particular character at the same time as being part of the Gwendraeth Valley with its coal mining connections and distinctive Carmarthenshire countryside.  Drefach, Cefneithin and Gorslas, whose population is 75% Welsh speaking, are strung along the Upper Gwendraeth Fawr – Drefach is the most westerly, the centre of Cefneithin is approx 2.5 Km from Drefach and the centre of Gorslas is 1.5 Km further east.

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