Chapels and churches: the community is dotted with the chapels of many nonconformist denominations that established a presence in the area as the population grew during the nineteenth century.  Early nonconformists often held open air meetings and local tradition has it that Methodists in the Drefach area held meetings under an old oak tree near the village before Seion chapel was built nearby.  During the eighteenth century. local Baptists would often congregate at Llyn Llech Owain to baptise new converts in the waters of the lake.

The needs of the Anglican community were met by the building of a new St Lleian’s church in Gorslas village, ensuring that the name of the ancient Celtic saint lived on both in church and chapel in the area.  The spiritual needs of the pre-industrial community of the Gorslas area had been served by Capel Erbach and Capel Llanlluan as chapels-of-ease to Llanarthney parish church.  Llanlluan became one of the most important churches in the early history of the Methodist revival and was later replaced by a new chapel at the site of the present Capel Llanlluan.